Machine Safety

We constantly invest in technology and personnel training in order to improve our capabilities. We utilise the latest information technology and design tools and are committed to extending the knowledge base of our already highly skilled engineers, this enables us to provide the highest standards our clients require.

Our safe design approach begins in the conceptual and planning stages. By analysing and assessing potential faults and proposing safety requirements up-front, we ensure he safety of the finished service throughout is life cycle.

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers are trained in the development of safe systems through designs that comply with EU Directives. We use safety calculating programmes from PILZ PAScal to calculate and verify the Performance Level (PL).

A calculation of the PL is applied to each part of the control system using:

  • Behaviour of the safety function at error conditions
  • The ability to execute a safety function under
  • foreseeable conditions
  • MTTFd (Mean time to failure dangerous)
  • CCF (Common Cause Failure)
  • DC (Diagnostic Coverage)
  • Structure (Category)
  • Safety related software

Safety Systems Integration

The upgrading and integration of pneumatic and electrical safety systems to existing control panels and plant to meet category and performance level requirements. When designing safety systems for industry, all of the intended operating states and applications are taken into account. To determine hazards, risk assessments are carried out in accordance with EN & BS ISO’s. As far as is practicable, all identified risks are designed out of system where possible. Where this is impossible, appropriate safeguards are provided. All system components are selected or designed in such a way that they guarantee safety during operation and operate within the limits defined in the design.

Electrical Maintenance

It is important to carry out regular maintenance of your electrical equipment, to ensure that any faults or potential problems are identified at an early stage. We offer a full servicing and maintenance provision for all commercial and industrial electrical equipment and production systems. We are able to provide you with reactive or planned and regular maintenance to help protect your reliability. We can plan your maintenance requirements to suit your particular systems and To identify any problems promptly, increasing life span of the electrical systems, improving reliability of the systems and ensuring you meet safety requirements. We can also maintain your electrical systems, even if they were not originally installed by us.

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